Our Initiatives

Vocational Education & Training:

Alarmed by the high dropout rate amongst the students, the Trust took up an initiative of “Earn while you learn”. Chalk and candle making were taken up in 1992 on a modest scale. Encouraged with the results, the trust has innovated on this pattern to stem dropping out of school due to the pressure to earn amongst the students. Currently the Trust is offering Vocational Training in the area of Computers at Gangagarh and Hilsa.

Women Empowerment & Community Health with LSR College Volunteers

The Trust in collaboration with Student Volunteers of LSR College had initiated work in the area of women empowerment. The students work as a part of SIFE- Student in Free Enterprise concept. Considering the relevant economic, social and environmental factors, SIFE involves most effectively empowering people in need by applying business and economic concepts; an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living. SIFE strategically links students, academic institutions, and businesses The students have been striving towards creating a similar structure for the women in Gangagarh. As a part of the project a group of 40 women created hand-knit mufflers which sold well in the Delhi market. We plan to explore a larger variety of product range as the women are talented in stitching, crocheting embroidery, knitting and other hand-craft. Students from LSR College also organized a Medical Camp in association with Columbia Asia Hospital, Delhi. The medical camp was attended by over 2000 community members.


Inspired by the Trust’s selfless social service, one farmer has donated the sum of Rs. three lacs. The trust has used that donation to set up a Dharamshala for community use. This space is now being effectively used as a community centre and a Barat Ghar. The management and maintenance of the Dharamshala is handled by the trust. A library has been setup in Dharmshala for the benefit of all local residents. The arrangement has been made for the latest books for the various competitive exams for youth of village.

Adopt a Granny Program

Elderly in our country are deprived of the basic needs required to lead a healthy and happy life. They lack social security and are discriminated by their families. In worst cases, they are compelled to reside in old age homes that isolate them from the outside world. The village around Gangagarh village are no different from any other place in the country. Here also old people face a lot of discrimination. They are economically so weak that they are unable to meet their basic needs. Elderly in our country are deprived of the basic needs required to lead a healthy and happy life. The trust has adopted destitute senior citizens of six villages from the catchment area of the project site in village Gangagarh

Scholarships & Financial Support

The Trust has always supported needy children who have the inclination to chase their dreams. Therefore, the Trust has introduced scholarships for children with extra talent and caliber for academic success. Under this program, scholarships have been granted to students who meet the established eligibility criteria without any form of discrimination. Also, special scholarships are given to girl students. The government has also supported 30 children of 9th and 10th class with studentship.

Youth Initiative

In order to involve the youth in the region in constructive development activities, Yuvak Mangal Dal (YMD) was championed by the Trust. The YMD organizes the youth in the region in a coherent group with a mandate of introducing development initiatives of local relevance in the villages. The young adults part of the YMD receive constant knowledge support through interactive workshops on local emerging concerns of health and hygiene, active citizenship, infrastructural development for the benefit of the community and volunteerism.The YMD has actively engaged in campaigns on „Clean Communities‟, Waste Management, Against Alcoholism, Education for all, Clean Energy for Living in the last few years at the village and Block levels. Volunteers of YMD supported the Trust through voluntary labour services in the construction and expansion of the school.

Agri-support services

ACT has constantly believed in making education relevant to the local context. The trust has facilitated several training programmes and one to one services through agri-experts to the farmers of Bulandshahar district through training in crop care, improved agri-techniques for increased productivity, Dairy and animal husbandry. ACT in collaboration with PARAG DAIRY has improved the breed of cattle in the region as well as upkeep of the cattle. Gangagarh village (Pahasu Block) under the programme had been declared the second largest milk producing village in whole district (as per government records).

Health and Hygiene

ACT has designed numerous interventions in collaboration with UNICEF, VHIE, and DAVP towards maintaining exemplary health and hygiene standards in the local communities. Some of these include village sanitation initiative (in collaboration with UNICEF), RADHA (Rural Action For Development And Health Avenues) reaching out to 1000s of women in the Bulandshahr district, UPVHA training of high school students and teachers from village schools in the region for health and hygiene training as youth health workers. A new initiative has been started by the trust wherein the female student of menstruating age are given counseling & encourage then to use sanitary napkins.